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Frequently Asked Questions

Working Capital

Paying back is with automatic bank deductions or holding back a percentage of your daily credit card processing batches.

Affinity has a large network of resources to obtain the funding program that fits your business’s needs. Your dedicated account manager will explain the pros and cons of each program and break down in detail each option that is available for your business. Our teams support is available throughout the entire process so you can make the right decision and get things done efficiently.

Most of our clients use the money for business needs like adding more staff members, improvements, advertising or inventory. Others have used funds for payroll, rent or general working capital. You are free to spend the money on whatever is best for your business.

Interest is applied to the money that is initially loaned and structured payments are made over a specific time period. In addition, good credit history and collateral are often required to secure a loan. Working Capital programs are a purchase of future receivables that is based on a percentage of your company’s sales. In addition, this program does NOT require good personal credit score or collateral. The approval amount is primarily based on your company’s revenue.

To qualify you must have been in business for 6 months or more and have at least $10,000 in revenue per month and meet a few other requirements. A good credit score is not necessary to obtain funding as we look more at the performance of the business.

With our quick and easy funding process our clients have received funding within 24-48 hours from start to finish.

Normally if your account is 50% paid down you are eligible for additional funding. Also taken into consideration is the most recent performance of the business and payment history.

Bad credit history is not a deal breaker as underwriting looks more at the performance of the business than credit score.

You can check your balance by contacting our support team at 855-415-9816 or sending an email request to

Invoice Factoring

Simply complete our Invoice Factoring Application and upload a sample invoice along with your company’s most recent account receivable and accounts payable aging reports.

Invoice Factoring is ideal for growing businesses who are facing cash flow challenges. If your company has B2B receivables and cannot afford to wait 30-60 days for payment, then you are a good fit!

Any business to business (B2B) or (B2G) Business to Government transaction is eligible to be purchased by a factoring company.

A new business can qualify since the customers being invoiced are the ones paying. Underwriting reviews the credit worthiness of the customer more so than your company.

Advances can range from 80-90% per invoice.

Underwriting reviews many variables to determine pricing. Some of which include sales volume, your customer’s credit strength, trends in customer payment cycles, invoice amounts, and the current climate of your company’s industry.

Fees can vary anywhere between 1.75% – 3.0%. The structure of fees being charged can vary depending on when the invoice is paid by the customer. Fee structures normally increase fees in 15- 30 day intervals.

This decision is made by Underwriting as they review each vendor individually. This is possible as some invoices may not make sense to factor.

Approval can happen in as little as 2 business days and funding as soon as a few hours after account set-up and invoices are received.

If an invoice goes unpaid beyond 90 days, it becomes disqualified. When this occurs, you can swap out that invoice with a more recent one, or you can simply buy it back.

Factoring has become a norm for many businesses that are growing rapidly. Factoring companies are not a collection agency. Maintaining your customer relationships is of utmost importance.

Merchant Processing

Simply put, a merchant account is the account that allows a business to accept credit cards.

To get set up complete our Merchant Processing Application by clicking the link below or contact us and a representative will walk you through the process.

Merchant Processing Application

Once your application is complete, our processing time is normally 24-48 hours.

Interchange fees are charged to merchants by card networks for processing a debit or credit card payment. These fees make up most of the cost for merchants to accept card payments. Although interchange fees are collected by the card networks, they are paid out to the bank that issued the payment card such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex.

Next day funding is applied to most of our accounts depending on the business type.

Yes, all customers have 24/7 access to customer and technical support.

The Cash Discount Program enables the merchant to offset merchant service fees without increasing your sale price.

If for any reason you decide to change from the Cash Discount Program we can switch your account to traditional pricing.

Text Message Marketing

A Text Blast is a customized message that is sent to all of your contacts.

We activate your Business Text Line within 24 hours.

The Text Line Application can be accessed from your normal desktop computer or any smart device that has access to the App Store.

No. The Text Line software works will land lines only.

No equipment or hardware needed.

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