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Merchant Processing For Today's Small Businesses

Find out today what your business can save in processing fees!

looking for a point of sale that won't break the bank?

No Fee Processing

Credit / Debit Card

Payment Terminal: Auto-calculates a 3.85% fee

Customer: Pays small fee, still gets rewards points 

Merchant: Receives 100% of sale amount



Traditional Processing

Credit / Debit Card

Payment Terminal: Charges 2.7%-3.5% 

Customer: Pays no fees, gets rewards points 

Merchant: Receives 96% of sale amount


No fee

bye-bye fees

Our payment technology will automatically apply a service fee during check out if a customer decides to use a credit card.

Cash is king

Customers are rewarded when they choose to pay with cash. 

keep profits

As a business owner, you now keep 100% of the sale. 

Savings your business needs!







Why Work With Us?

Working with the right processor. essential.

For a business to accept credit and debit card payments it requires a credit card processing company. Processing your credit cards is the heartbeat of your business. You need a processor that you can rely on and be able to get your settled funds fast. Our merchant processing programs are built to suit your needs. The application process is simple and the boarding process is plug and play. Best part is that our team is there every step of the way.
Merchant Business Processing Services | Affinity Member Services

Solutions for any industry



Easily accept your customer’s cards by a simple swipe, dip or tap with our EMV ready terminals.



Check out customers with just a few clicks. Track inventory, employee check in times and much more! 

Mobile Vendors


Process payments anywhere you have signal. Using any smart phone or tablet.



Accept secure online payments from your website or payment portal with our e-commerce payment solutions.  


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