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In business, One Of The Most Important Things Is Choosing The Right People To Do Business With.

We are ready to be the go to partner for your business.

As a partner, our role is to guide you and your business in the right direction for success. First step is determining which product is best fit for your business.

Why work with Affinity?

We understand the hurdles and obstacles small business owners go through daily. That is why our team goes out of our way to give you the resources, and support system to make the solutions for your business easy.

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Our Story

Affinity Member Services was founded by a group of direct service consultants, financial consultants and business owners. After a combined 100 years as business owners and numerous business ventures they had front row seats to the changing of times and enabled them survive the good and bad of owning a business. 

The team motto is People, Process and Procedures to find your business the Right Solution for long term growth.

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Funding for Your Trucking Business

17 August2021 Funding For Your Trucking Business Introduction Trucking Companies mostly have had a difficult time accessing the much-needed funding options from funding companies. The objective at our company has…

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