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The go to business service provider for 3,000+ small business owners
In business, One Of The Most Important Things Is Choosing The Right People To Do Business With.

We are ready to be the go to partner for your business.

As a partner, our role is to guide you and your business in the right direction for success. First step is determining which product is best fit for your business.

Why work with Affinity?

We understand the hurdles and obstacles small business owners go through daily. That is why our team goes out of our way to give you the resources, and support system to make the solutions for your business easy.

Here’s why Businesses Choose Affinity


Our Story

After years of consulting family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies we recognized trends which showed both small to large brick and mortar companies falling behind to competitors. The larger corporations were thriving as investments made into new technology were paying off which increased productivity and lowered the cost of doing business. Implementing these changes pushed these companies ahead of the trends and enabled them to capture their share of the $900 billion+ spent online by US consumers. This left the mom-and-pop businesses trailing behind as most lacked financial capabilities to make necessary upgrades in technology to keep up with these changes. Seeing these disadvantages firsthand fueled our passion for helping small businesses. Hence, AMS was born.
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Affinity Member Services and Better Qualified Partnership

29 August2022 Affinity Member Services and Better Qualified Partnership Introduction Affinity Member Services has partnered with Better Qualified to assist small business owners that are looking to build business credit…
Business owners reviewing documents

Funding for Your Trucking Business

17 August2021 Funding For Your Trucking Business Introduction Trucking Companies mostly have had a difficult time accessing the much-needed funding options from funding companies. The objective at our company has…

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