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Determining if the Cash Discount Program works for your business


Cash discount programs are on the rise as they do away with the heavy credit card processing fees that small business owners have been accustomed to paying for years. Cash discount programs can help any small business increase profit margins effortlessly by eliminating credit card processing fees. Not only that, your customers can still pay with a wide variety of convenient options while you increase your sales and create big savings at the same time. But many small business owners are not even aware of its perks. The majority of them still pay for the credit processing fees from their own pockets. And with the growing usage of credit and debit cards, business owners find it difficult to save extra bucks. Keeping that in mind, let us find out if cash discount program works for your business and how it can eliminate your credit card processing fees.

What is a cash discount program?

Affinity Member Services has a cash discount program that offers help to business owners by leveraging the transaction fee to customers if they pay using credit or debit cards. The payment terminal or the POS machine automatically calculates a 3.85% Non-Cash Discount fee if the customer chooses to pay via card. Customers pay a small amount to compensate for the card’s processing fee, but they still get the same reward points for utilizing their credit cards in return. So if you’re a small business owner, with the cash discount program, you get to keep 100% of your sales amount.

Moreover, a cash discount program lets you offer a discounted price to your customers if they choose to pay with cash instead of credit or debit cards. The bonus point is- these savings are huge and can help any business that is currently paying credit card transaction fees.

Cash discount program better than traditional processing?

Majority of the traditional processing companies charge 2.8% – 3.5% each transaction to the business owner. Your customers don’t have to pay any fee but still get reward points. In the end, you only receive 96% of your sales amount.

But by using our cash discount program, our processing equipment charges a 3.85% processing fee on to the customer’s bill, still giving them reward points. And you get to keep 100% of your sales amount.

Save big with affinity member services’ cash discount program for credit card processing

At Affinity Member Services we provide affordable solutions to the hurdles a business faces in accepting credit card payments from customers

 1. Free Terminal with New Account

Affinity Member Services’ cash discount program offers small business owners with free terminals for all new accounts. These terminals automatically add and reflect the non-cash adjustment of 3.85% on the receipts. Terminals are built with the latest technology that can process your payments at lightning speed, and protect you from fraud and data breaching. You can check out your customers’ purchases securely in just a few clicks.

2. Free Cost Comparison analysis

If you are planning to review a cash discount program but are not sure where to begin, then we are here for you. We at Affinity Member Services offer you free cost comparison analysis with other services to help you choose the best out of the lot.  We understand the daily hurdles and obstacles small business owners face in their business. Nowadays, customers have also started acknowledging that owning a small business is not child’s play and do not mind paying a small fee when using a card. 

3. Unlock Point of Sale (POS) credits 

Your new merchant account can qualify for a point of sale (POS) credit towards equipment starting at $1,299. With these EMV ready point of sale, you can swipe, dip or tap your customer’s debit or credit card for their payments. We bet you will never miss a customer again because of inconvenient payment methods!

4. Easy Application and Boarding Process

With our efficient and user-friendly application process, small business owners can effortlessly get started and set up. Our team will help you at every step from application, equipment options, training on running payment types from EMV chip cards to contact-less payments. We also assist you in learning to process refunds or operate extra services like gift card programs.

5. Equipment financing available

We understand the financial hurdles faced while running small businesses. So to make the process seamless, we have come up with equipment financing solutions. We offer funds to purchase our equipment to small business owners which can be repaid in installments. 

Final Words

Most small business owners and merchants bear the losses because the fees charged for credit card processing are high and getting higher all the time. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of the customers were left with no choice than to get their orders delivered at home and pay via cards. So customers that have an urgent or mandatory need to purchase your product or service, for example, rent, utilities, gas, will appreciate more payment options. Also, customers using credit cards tend to buy more.

As we push forward to 2022, your customers might have also started realizing the unfortunate situation of small business owners. In such cases, a cash discount program can reduce the impact of the expensive processing fees.

Affinity Member Services will help you implement the best cash discount program. Contact us for a free consultation to help you save big and scale your business to new heights!

See How Much Your Business Can Save!


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