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Working with the right processor. essential.

looking for a point of sale that won't break the bank?

How It Works

Our payment technology will automatically apply a service fee during check out if a customer decides to use a credit card. If your customer decides to use a debit card or cash there is no service fee applied. 

To notify your customers of the possible service fees we provide signage explaining the increase for you to display at your business. 

No Fee Processing

Credit / Debit Card

Payment Terminal: Auto-calculates a 3.85% fee

Customer: Pays small fee, still gets rewards points 

Merchant: Receives 100% of sale amount



Business owners all over the world are making the switch to Cash Discount With our Cash Discount Program. 

It’s not hard to understand why either, since most businesses are losing 2-4% in credit card processing fees every transaction they make. 

As businesses world wide are on the road to recovery every expense is being analyzed, it’s no suprise that the cash discount processing is on the rise. 

Experience a higher level of service

About Affinity

As a private and family owned business, Affinity Member Services has the power and flexibility to create custom solutions that work for small business owners. Our team takes pride in going the extra mile when it comes to helping a business no matter how small the ask. In result of these continued efforts since inception we have become the go to business service provider for thousands of small business owners across the United States. Servicing them with essential growth products like our Business Funding programs and Invoice Factoring to assist with funding expansion, upgrades, payroll and more. To the more necessary products like Merchant Processing solutions to accept credit card payments with ease from customers and Text Message Marketing so they can keep in touch with their customers with promotions, business updates or to even answer a simple product or service question.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once your application is complete, our processing time is normally 24-48 hours.

Next day funding is applied to most of our accounts depending on the business type.

Free placement equipment is provided at no charge to you. Additional Point of Sales Promotions are available. 

The Cash Discount Program enables the merchant to offset merchant service fees without increasing your sale price.

If for any reason you decide to change from the Cash Discount Program we can switch your account to traditional pricing.

Yes, all customers have 24/7 access to customer and technical support.

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